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ID 214530

Caleb Ogden

Full stack designer; Created,, more.

ID 158169

Devin Egan

Co-Founder & CTO @launchkey. @university-of-montana-missoula Alumni.

ID 74628

Warner Onstine

Lead Developer at @primeloop . Former Founder at City Recess. Love building web apps and dev teams. Currently doing Node.js and Angular.

ID 158382

Mark Cicoria

Co-founder & CEO of @workingon. Worked at @primeloop, @us-department-of-energy. Studied at @rensselaer-polytechnic-institute

ID 116215

Jimmy Jacobson

Tech Co-Founder @wedgies. Full stack developer at @overstock-com, @zappos and more. Lover of hackathons and Startup Weekends.

ID 58748

Richard K. Miller

CTO at; @techstars Boulder 2011

ID 72569

Rich Brooks

Software Architect at CPALead

ID 181633

Ian Weisberger

Backend developer with a passion for systems architecture. Co-author of a genetic research paper. Interested in startups and entrepreneurship.

ID 41837

Piers Rollinson

CTO of @mitoo. Founded EpcessProperty during University (Sold in 2008). BSc Comp Sci.

ID 282365

Robert Rarick

Founder • Worked at @ibm, @onelogin @bankofamerica @technicolor

ID 67870

Frederick Cook


Co-founder & CEO at @moveline. @techstars NYC '12

ID 116816

Dean Curtis

@fandeavor co-founder and CTO, Software Engineer at @zappos. Worked at Tririga IBM. CS and MS in Computer Science from UNLV. Loves data.

ID 48625

George Moncrief


EIR at VegasTechFund

ID 72755

Nils Svangård


CTO at

ID 37011

Stephen G. Barr


Mentor, Adviser, Strategist, Board Member, Advocate. Founder @startup-hive , CoFounder @crowdpad , CEO @sgb-media-group , Mentor @geteverwise

ID 178053

Crystal Chang

ID 38596

Adam Rogas


Founder / COO @load (SaaS/asp), CTO @vegas-com (sold to Greenspun Media Group), CIO CityQuick (@la-com,, Adviser London Board Of Tourism

ID 133383

Nick Wientge

Building @meteorjs apps at @BeDifferential. Formerly @crowdhall, @Brandery 2012 Alum #VegasTech

ID 97521

Geoff Sanders

Co-founder & CEO of @launchkey. 3rd generation cyber security CEO. I create things. Inc. Magazine "30 Under 30". @university-of-texas-at-austin-1.

ID 51015

Dylan Bathurst

Founder/CEO @rumgr. alum. Product/Customer focuses founder.

ID 304117

Scott Raio

Professional wizard @ Combatant Gentlemen. All things startups, cloud, big data and UX.

ID 418090

Tim Arbuckle

Worked at @geodelic-systems, @stockr • Studied at @university-of-north-florida

ID 45006

Michael Krotchie

CTO and Founder @flicksea • Worked at @raytheon • Studied at University of Arizona

ID 259969

Andrew Mui

Startup Technologist, Tech Advocate and Tech Mentor for SoftLayer's Catalyst Startup Program.

ID 268525

Tom Zaworowski

Co-founder of LSD programming. Strong Obj-C skills. Launched 4 successful Mac and iOS apps. Worked as a contractor and indie developer.

ID 40807

Allan Rogers

Co-founder at @clickraiser and @votegiant by night. UX Optimization Testing Manager at Selling Source by day.

ID 127683

Mike R. Manzano

Co-Founder of @tabeso, previously co-founded @counterless. Participating in #VegasTech and #SxVegas

ID 770477

David Perry


Author of Coding In My Sleep, a popular Bitcoin blog. Programmer, sysadmin, jack of all trades and master of a few. Strong infosec background.

ID 814648

Leif Norcott

Full Stack Engineer. Specialties with Embedded, Web development, Android, Multi-threading and software design.

ID 149708

Almog Koren

Founder/Developer at @scoreoid making games better the ultimate server platform for game developers!

ID 663498

Mike Molony

Application programmer in PHP, Python, and Perl with 20 years of successful web development and software engineering. Graduated UNLV with MIS degree.

ID 658445

Brad Porter

Developer at LaunchKey

ID 492363

Ryan Buchholtz

Unique candidate with C-level experience seeking junior level full-stack web development skills focused on Front End Development. Passionate about user experience.

ID 223565

Adam Englander

Co-Founder and CTO of @coupla. I have 25+ years of systems architecture, design, development, and senior level management experience.

ID 1097

Joel Strellner

Founded @urltrends (sold to Trellian), then @twitturly (sold to Mikle), now I'm working on @tweetwall, which was in the Betaspring accelerator (Spring '12).

ID 134441

Evan Nagle

Developer, author, eater, and sleeper. Co-owner of @mentalpez @bidtowork and @rolltech.

ID 63899

Sean Reichle


Managing Partner at Adventesia

ID 449288

Melissa Volkmann

Visual & Interaction Designer at @hashrabbit // Front End Developer // #VegasTech

ID 219982

Michael Schultz

Founder Intxtual • Studied at @university-of-illinois-urbana-champaign Successes in Database, Business Intewlligence, Enterprise Security, DoD/DHS security, Entertainment (movie and music), Mobile Apps. All-around nice guy who is expert chef in multiplke

ID 42237

Joshua Ellis

Coder, writer, musician. Specializing in digital media, crowdfunding, futurism. Pulitzer-nominated journalist and author.

ID 100876

George Diab

Co-Founder of WorkingOn and OpenFloor, Founder of @Goto10Solutions and member of #VegasTech Previously at @RolltechBowling

ID 234474

Kristin Tomasik

Mobile Developer • iOS • Android • Studied at @university-of-nevada-las-vegas

ID 322749

Micah Lapping-Carr

Founder, CEO of @prehistoric-software. Worked at @microsoft for 4 years on the Kinect for Xbox 360 and Xbox One. B.S. from @brown-university.

ID 171882

David Longnecker

VP of Development for @tracky. I'm an entrepreneur, life experience crash test dummy, & crazed cat constantly chasing after curiosity. Baker U. MBA 2007.

ID 300754

Anid Monsur

Director of Technology at @prodality

ID 150428

Lance Seidman

Founder @wearing-digital, @roahs • Worked at @wells-fargo, @caesars-entertainment • Wearable BitCoin Master

ID 201697

Nicholas Shook

#vegas based law student/hacker with a lifelong goal of improving access to justice

ID 263811

Eric Han

Berkeley EECS, love javascript, enjoy building webapps,

ID 374533

Josh Kim

Full Stack. Freelancing, looking for *Remote* Full Time or Consulting work.

ID 439018

Michael Murray

Cofounder of MAD Security, The Hacker Academy and Fitoop. Problem solver and diverse thinker. Information security, Penetration Tests, Social Engineer

ID 68541

Russell Tomas

CEO/Creative Director at @dreamlords-digital. Founded @flipnation-ph & Virtual Media.

ID 96175

Mohammad Forouzani

Founder at, Opensource advocate with particular interest in Big Data and Mobile Platforms.

ID 618389

Evol Arthur Reid

Successful employee, proven experience in Computer Science applications in support of Financial Trading, Management, & IT consulting firms. E&C Engineer Degree

ID 400344

Dennis Lambert


Founder @virtual-project-manager-inc, @webaplex-marketing-inc • Worked at @ge-capital, @toys-r-us-inc • Studied at @illinois-state-university, @devry-university

ID 299936

David Busby

Prolific coder, founder at @discuss & @edoceo; 10+ years in the start-up space. Entrepreneur, coder/maker and lean zealot. Detailed profile at

ID 634647

Adam Andrewjeski

Day Trader/Bitcoin enthusiast turned Developer. Open to programming in any languages/stack but currently do RoR/JS, robotics. Fast learner and love a challenge!

ID 547169

Robert B

Proven strategist, consultant, innovator, operations manager and leader.

ID 558185

Taylor Beck

Vanderbilt Computer Engineering, has created Android apps, RESTful APIs, and websites.

ID 568453

Dutch Boyd

Pro poker player and full stack developer.

ID 344301

Rodrigo Alonso

Founder and CEO at FlierWall. Engineer, seasoned developer,former CEO Microsoft Chile, serial entrepreneur with 2 successful exits and 2 failures.

ID 526413

Sergey Sheinblum

22 yrs software engineer/architect/tech lead: 15 years dev. with MS softw., 7 last years architect/ on Hadoop/Cassandra/java/ hive platforms.

ID 56559

Andrew McCloud

Team member of @pixelcloud.

ID 421365

Patrick Coffey

Georgia Tech CS. Launched Android app.

ID 411424

Brian Beckman

Serial Entrepreneur; Founder & CTO of JobHive; Love disruptive tech companies

ID 598355

Karl Pawlowicz

Entrepreneur, Investor, Digital Designer and Developer. Passionate about cars, finance, fitness, technology and travel.

ID 299976

Digital Mosaics

I am a freelance web designer/SEO. Forham MBA. Worked in New York, NY and Hartford, CT. Recently moved to Las Vegas, NV. Love cyberculture, sun, mountains, veggies, and all things French. I am on #Staree now!

ID 391756

Jacqueline Matuszak


ID 290729

Krikor Hovasapian

Experienced software/firmware developer. Knack towards Embedded Systems design. Linux with a scoop of RTOS. Wants to devour Modern C++ spec.

ID 766809

Chris Schidle

Data enthusiast and web application developer. Founder of Neato Software. Seeking partners in Las Vegas, NV.

ID 199919

Ilija Injac

Pluralsight Author,Hustler, Founder.,developing applications. Azure addicted.Visionary,Awesome, Traine/Coach.

ID 749077

anthony zotti

Fullstack developer. Specialize in Javascript and Rails. Marine Corps Sergeant. Highly motivated, determined, optimistic, and easy to get along with.

ID 787125

Brent Cox

B.S., M.S., Engineer Degree from Stevens Institute of Technology. Games, iOS, and Android development background.

ID 825792

Anushri Gupta

Masters in CS; Worked at Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and

ID 272249

Brad Coughlin

Designed UI/UX, marketing collateral for web/print, physical products/packaging, javascript/jquery knowledge, work with Chinese factories/production, E-commerce

ID 163353

A college dropout who started @realniggashit-com, made hundreds of t-shirts and they sold out the first week. Ready to take it to level.

ID 434084

Justin Sherwood

Founder Tabulaa • Worked in IT Strategy and Architecture at @astrazeneca • Studied Software Engineering at @university-of-oxford-1

ID 475157

Jen Wilhelm

Front-end developer and self-taught designer, previously of, B.S. Computer Science at Colorado State. I love hack-a-thons, coffee, and pomeranians!

ID 665106

Jason Miguel


ID 497286

Norbinn Rodrigo

Technical Project Manager at Zappos. Background in database and web development. UCSD grad, 1999.

ID 644942

Jace Whitten

Jr. Front-end developer. Owned and operated my own web firm. Closed it to pursue a start-up in the cannabis industry. Experienced in SaaS services B2B products.

ID 520175

Romesh Khaddar

Founder @mynewsstudio • Worked at @ntpc, @TRC-UNLV • Studied at @university-of-nevada-las-vegas, @indian-institute-of-technology-guwahati

ID 72688

Piotr Tomasik

Worked at @activeside, @ipass • Studied at @university-of-nevada-las-vegas

ID 214871

Bryan Pisnoy

Founder of @sports Lines & lead Android developer; Work full time as a Systems Administrator at Diamond Resorts International; IST graduate from Penn State 2008

ID 90598

Steven Vo

CTO of GeoComply - Geolocation Compliance Platform Provider.

ID 485583

Andrew Morrow

Founder @fittif-intl

ID 801097

Jerold Dodds

Full stack LAMP development, launched many successful sites with very little assistance. Very uncommon skill set. Leader at every company I've worked with.

ID 481831

William Long

Founder StarNix Studios • Studied at DeVry, College of Southern Nevada. Programming games since 3rd grade, contractor for Unity3D projects.

ID 782596

Mark Twyman

Extensive experience with the entire Microsoft stack. SharePoint, ASP.NET, MVC, C#, MSSQL development experience in a commercial environment.

ID 516329

Jeff Clark

ID 660220

Jeremy Woertink

Worked for several startups doing everything from back-end to front-end to even teaching development at a developer bootcamp.

ID 590542

Nathan Jessen

Interactive Web Developer

ID 430658

Yoandy Terradas-Otero

curious. dedicated. ready to change the world.

ID 581777

Allan Smith

Full Stack Developer

ID 843260

Joe Kushner

ID 501958

William Jones

Worked at @rokubi-llc, @healthdata-insights, @wynn-resorts, @aristocrat-technologies-inc, @worlddoc-inc, @nextel-partners-inc

ID 485034

Ryan S. Jensen

Co-President |Catalyst Concepts LLC •

ID 484165

Mark Limuel Chua

Undergraduate Student at UNLV; Research assistant at UNLV; Worked at Naval Research Laboratory; Research deals with computer vision.

ID 481096

Joseph Sillitoe

Worked at @interactive-gaming-labs, @southwest-gas-corporation • Studied at @university-of-nevada-las-vegas

ID 184147

Kyle Rodriguez

ID 678543

Terry Zak

ID 548077

Carlo Lopez-Tello

ID 396852

Tim Kwist

UNLV CS 2017; Led website development team

ID 841919

Kae Crede

Monmouth BA 2013, experienced in Digital Maketing and Project Management

ID 508152

Bernard Espanola

Founder|Creator|Mind behind Randi POS. Business minded individual(built and grew business for 15 years). Software Engineer/Developer for WinTech LLC, MoveDocs

ID 171636

Jonathan Dietz

Digital Strategist & Architect. Open Source Advocate.

ID 670211

Michele Rose

Front-End Developer with 6 years experience, worked for Marvel, Serve; an American Express company, and Ultimate Gaming.

ID 338259

Marisa Terres

ID 869068

Igor Souza

Creation and maintenance of servers, implementation of git, docker , configuration management and maintenance of existing applications. Worked at UFF.

ID 708195

Andrew Rennie

CTO for Imagoo (a social polling app receiving 1-5 million daily votes) and Treat (a rapidly growing messaging app) for the last two years.

ID 679594

Pratik Hada

ID 477130

Michael Hoffman

Problem Solver

ID 358435

el mernissi saad

ID 597886

Nicole Manglicmot

Studying Computer Engineering at UNLV

ID 856038

Matt Tanenbaum

9 years of experience as an entrepreneur in the online tech field with a strong background in advanced website development.

ID 631497

Brett Anderson

Full stack software engineer, eager to work with others who are equally excited about creating scalable, robust, and highly usable web applications.

ID 687483

Dean Hin

ID 671051

Therese Perri

Primarily a web developer and avid enthusiast the of Microsoft technology stack. Worked for large casinos and hospitality companies in Las Vegas.

ID 825010

Bryan Knight

A passionate developer who lives to solve problems in different ways and produce beautiful results.

ID 362272

cristi c

Web Developer / Product Manager / Marketing

ID 471434

Josh Tichauer

Senior .Net Full Stack Developer, specializing in Front End Web Development

ID 681724

Corey Kuwanoe

ID 479504

Victor Passapera

Founder The Dev Network • Worked at @united-states-air-force, @bally-technologies

ID 517972

James Barcellano

Web developer ninja. Have been programming sense 13-14 year old. Worked with to many people to count. Many security flaws disclosed from ethical pen testing.

ID 532415

Michael Ganson

iOS & android developer video codecs

ID 526314

Kevin Varga

Made a Calculator in C# for the windows phone that had basic math operations and had order of operations.

ID 770619

Kevin Williams

Lead Developer at ActionCOACH. JavaScript Guru capable of translating business requirements into powerful web applications, and very strong backend programmer.

ID 93900

Keith Hayon

ideas are not complicated and neither is my mission. original film and music plan completed before the end of this year. high potential & interesting content

ID 361906

Tyler Kayser

Rockstar coder and front-end specialist. Worked at Noble Studios and a couple startups.

ID 203552

Golda Haight

ID 76580

M. Brandii Sharp

Owner, RB_SharpSolutions

ID 191190


ID 24187

AR Alexandroff

Jack of all trades, programming from age 7, entrepreneur started successful businesses.

ID 408072


We are an elite group of programmers and designers dedicated to thinking about and prototyping next generation ideas.

ID 359800

Michael Franklin

Currently holds 4 Adobe Certifications in Graphic Design from Las Vegas Professional Institute of Technology & Accounting and desires to share his ability to connect online and offline with the owners of corporations in the Las Vegas area.

ID 334001

K Smith

Ninja CTO, Finance Guru, and Insane Marketing Guy

ID 276083

ExGrip LLC

ExGrip offers mobile and cloud solutions based on Windows Azure, Windows Phone and Windows 8. Currently we have published our second Beta!

ID 447718

Marcos Ontiveros

CEO/Developer at @fitcam.

ID 92215

Jason Bernal

CMO and CFO of I Am Smart Technology, Inc

ID 396212

Dan Evans

I bring a highly desirable and unusual mix of skills in technology, product development, product marketing, business development, and sales.

ID 249638

Nagabhushan Sundarakrishna

Bachelor's EE, Competent in programming, Worked at Bally Technologies and Deloitte Consulting

ID 371983

Lam Le


ID 358107

Jay Shirley

Solving painful problems with technology and psychology. Working with amazing folks at Cojourneo.

ID 98545

Martin Smykal

Founder @AdasheeInc

ID 129899

Ethan Vandal

First time Entrepreneur with highly marketable visions. Strong self taught and college educated (CSN) business and technology background. Pursuing MBA.

ID 131810

Stanley Shilov

CTO at Gravitas • Fan of Go, Ember, Web Components, UX, Online Marketing • Experienced in user acquisition, split testing, retention, and making coffee

ID 470520

Luis Toruno

ID 280328

Osiris Guerrero


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