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ID 864865

Peter Kell

Think Big | Entrepreneur 

ID 117556

Dan Worthington

Co-Founder | SVP PrayerSpark

ID 862846

Brandon Casiano (REVEL)

Founder/CEO WE Dance • Host of Dance Music ®

ID 653075

Earl Mann

CEO comf5 • Studied at @university-of-south-carolina

ID 344301

Rodrigo Alonso

Founder and CEO at FlierWall. Engineer, seasoned developer,former CEO Microsoft Chile, serial entrepreneur with 2 successful exits and 2 failures.

ID 233245

Kirk Holmes

Passion for #SEO, #Analytics, #BigData, #ROI, #VegasTech, #Google Fanboy and #GoogleGlass Explorer!

ID 691704

Alexander L. Fernandez

CEO & Co-founder Streamframe & Streamline Media Group. Global speaker & author. Building startups from the ground up in Europe, Asia & America.

ID 527445

Tim Bird

Co-Founder, CEO @bottles-waiting

ID 302162

John Lee

Founder of Fit Entertainment. 20 yrs of exp in gaming industry at executive level (Sega, Konami, THQ.) Start up exp with successful exit. Columbia MBA.

ID 526297

Fodé Diop

Co-Founder @evasive Software Developer - Dev/Ops - Search Technologies - Fluent in Wolof & French - Cinematographer - Photographer - FCPX Editor.

ID 558395

Lance Baily

Co-Founder & CMO @konsiderate • Medical Simulation Thought Leader, Consultant & Entrepreneur: &

ID 407265

Joseph Atiba

Founder/CEO @y-jet

ID 623173

Damiano Starr

Co-Founder/CEO, @the-exchange-visionary-laboratories • The leading vision to dominate the wearable technology space. #BeTheXchange.

ID 421909

Rachel Elizabeth Baker

Book a Maid to clean your place in minutes! Get your place spotlessly clean, fast and on demand.

ID 683122

Richard Krawczyk

Co-Founder & CEO PayZilla, Inc.

ID 102761

Joe Fernandez


CEO and Cofounder of @klout. Just trying to get enough beans to make a burrito

ID 403307

Jared Fuller

Proud to be scaling @jobhive with one of the most talented teams around. Co-Founder & CEO

ID 713005

Jason Riggs

Founder SonicVR, CEO/CTO Carbon Audio, CTO Boomphones, Sr. Manager Acoustical Engineering Logitech, Engineering Team Leader Pioneer Electronics

ID 838287

Thomas Typinski

Serial Tech Entrepreneur • Founder of Peak Physique Inc • Lean Practitioner • Worked at @the-white-house, @us-army • Studied at @full-sail-university-1

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